Encapsulate a Memory

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Childs Hair Pet Fur Keepsake Pendant

I don’t know about you, but one thing I have noticed since being a mum is that time just flies by. Ok, at 3 am when the crying doesn't stop, and you are panicking you have missed something vital and questioning your skills as a parent, time is pretty slow. But overall, it really does fly. I have spoken to friends with grown-up children, and they say the same. The memories are so precious and yet it is hard to keep them fresh in mind. This is one of the reasons I created personalised, keepsake jewellery. Initially, it was something I wanted for myself but, the result was so fantastic I began to wonder if other parents would like the same.

Treasured and loved

Our children start out so small and dependent it is hard to imagine them leaving home and even starting families of their own, but we all know that is how it will be someday. It is natural to want to hang on to the amazing memories they create as they start to walk and talk, as the first tooth is lost, and they wave goodbye from their first day of school.

We can love so many people in our lifetime that this is not limited to children of course. For some, the memory of a parent or sibling may be the most poignant, especially if they are no longer with us. Our pets can play a significant role in our lives so for some, our dogs and cats, horses or other pets are what we treasure most. The beautiful thing with this keepsake is that we can encapsulate anything you want, a clip of mane, a small bit of fur, whatever will bring you the happiness of a memory created forever.

Your Memory, Your Way

My keepsake is a lock of my daughter's hair from her first haircut. I tied it with a sliver of ribbon and encapsulated it in resin. I chose to add a little sparkle with glitter, and the result is a permanent memento I know I will treasure forever. For my customers, I am committed to creating the vision they have in mind. So, your personalised jewellery doesn’t have to be the same as mine, although I am happy to share my inspiration and replicate it with your keepsake.

You can use hair as I have, but equally, we can seal any small treasure into your pendant. Pretty much every part of the process can be personalised to make sure you have the same feeling of love and satisfaction as I do every time I pick up the necklace. I chose a hemisphere shape, but you can have a heart, a teardrop, cross, square, hexagon, or butterfly. Whatever form you feel represents the memory you are creating. I can add a coloured background, glitter like mine, dandelion seeds or flowers. You have choices when it comes to the chain as well, and I will go through all the options with you.

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