Wedding Flower Keepsake Ring - Bridal Bouquet Memento

***Please check your ring size before ordering. If you need any help with determining your ring size, do not hesitate to send me a message***

This beautiful keepsake ring is made to order with your flowers from a wedding bouquet or any other flowers which are precious to you. 
The ring is made of resin, therefore, is very light and comfortable to wear. 
The ring is suitable for wedding confetti, tiny flowers, petals and small pieces of greenery. 


Each order is beautifully and lovingly packaged in our branded gift box, ready for gift giving.

♡ The ring is made of jewellery grade crystal clear resin 
♡ Sizes of the rings:
- US 2.25 / UK D1/2 - inside diameter: 13.5mm
- US 3 / UK F - inside diameter: 14mm
- US 4.25 / UK I - inside diameter: 15mm
- US 5 / UK J1/2 - inside diameter: 15.75mm
- US 5.75 / UK L1/2 - inside diameter: 16.25mm
- US 6 / UK M - inside diameter: 16.5mm
- US 6.5 / UK N - inside diameter: 17mm
- US 7 / UK N1/2 - inside diameter: 17.37mm
- US 7.5 / UK P - inside diameter: 17.8mm
- US 8 / UK Q - inside diameter: 18.14mm
- US 8.5 / UK R - inside diameter: 18.6mm
- US 9 / UK R1/2 - inside diameter: 19mm
- US 10 / UK T1/2 - inside diameter: 20mm
- US 11 / UK V1/2 - inside diameter: 20.6mm
- US 12 / UK X1/2 - inside diameter: 21.4mm
- US 13 / UK Z1/2 - inside diameter: 22.2mm
- US 14 / UK Z3 - inside diameter: 23mm
♡ All rings thickness is 3mm and width 6mm
♡ Weight:  3g
♡ Materials: best quality UV stable resin

Rings in sizes from US 6 to US 10 have rounded edges. Please message me if you would like to see an example.


1)  Place your order
2) You will receive a message from me with all the necessary information,  including the address where you need to send the flowers
3) I will let you know when I receive your letter, from this moment I will need 14 business days to make the keepsake for you
4) When the ring is ready, I will send you pictures of the finished product
5) After your approval, I will send the keepsake to you along with any unused flowers

♡ PLEASE NOTE: Flowers have to be thoroughly dried before sending them to us. Only fully dried flowers can be enclosed in resin and turned into a wearable piece of jewellery.

Wedding Flower Keepsake Ring - Bridal Bouquet Memento

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